Demystifying the Digital Society

October 9, 2018

Earlier this year (2018) I was fortunate enough to be asked to do the keynote at the http://digitaltransformations.org/ conference. The context of this conference is slightly different to most tech confirences as it seeks to bring together technologists and artists and poses a number of cultural questions. Introduction My name is Glyn Darkin, I am and IT consultant and spend my life helping my clients on their journey to being more digital.

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Visualising your AWS infrastructure

May 30, 2018

Building out an AWS infrastructure can get pretty complicated as there are many different elements and dependencies that need to be considered. Visualising the relationships is a great way to understand all the dependencies involved, however the existing tools may create results that were not exactly expected. The visualisations that I have been using are based on my Cloud Formation Scripts. These are static JSON files that AWS uses to build out the architecture.

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