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How to get a txt/sms message when an Azure service goes down

Over the last few weeks a number of services I have deployed to Azure have experienced difficulty. Luckily I have pretty good monitoring on my apps that notified me of the problem.

What I really wanted was a way to correlate between my apps having issues and any known problems with Azure. Luckily Azure has a number of excellent status feeds that are available for monitoring their services. With a little help from we can set up an alerting system so that you can get a txt/sms message when the monitoring feed changes.

Here are my shared recipes so that you set them up for yourselves

If you use different services then you need to get the feed url for each service and add them into your recipe. The full status board below has all the different services listed, if you click on the orange feed icon this will take you to the feed. Just copy the url from your browser into the url box in the ifttt recipe.

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How to automatically archive all of your Tweets

I have recently been using the excellent buffer for sharing all of the great content I come across as I slowly try to read the internet one webpage at a time. However I recently realised that I was finding some amazing content but was forgetting it pretty quickly. So I have set up an automatic archiving process to record all of my buffer tweats into Evernote. Its a simple IFTTT recipe that appends each buffer tweat that I make to a single note in Evernote.

To use the recipe you will need a buffer, Evernote and IFTTT account, all offer free accounts that should provide enough functionality to get you going. Once you have your accounts set up you will need to go to my IFTTT recipe page and click the “use recipe” button and follow the instructions.

Good luck

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