How to build a GFRC Concrete Sink

September 1, 2018

This article was originally written for Instructables, please check out their site of you want to see the discussions in the comments I have been wanting to build some furniture out of concrete for a while and whilst doing a home renovation I got the opportunity to build a small sink for a bedroom ensuite. After lots of research online this is the process I came up with including the lessons learned, lowlights and highlights.

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Crowd funding, Drones, 3D Printing and the Digital Economy

October 1, 2015

As software is eating our world; how we buy, build and consume products is changing. This is a story about the Digital Economy and my experience dabbling in it. Crowd funding It started about a year ago when I backed a new project on KickStarter. They had a nice idea for a Drone that could collapse down and fit in your pocket (large pocket). They had a slick video and got some good media attention.

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