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Month: January 2015

ASP.NET vNext – CTP4, Package Managers (Notes)

Naming for ASP.NET is now 5.0

Middleware = IApplicationBuilder  *there is a lot of contention around this

Design time host now compiles the code as you write, this enabled provides better intellisense. Compiled bytecode is pulled from the design time host into IISExpress in realtime in memory. This is the metaprgramming support, there are hooks so that you can do funky stuff on compilation.

KVM is the tool that is used to manage the KRE (K Runtime Environment) on the machine.

Web.config transforms

App knows what the environment is using an Environment variable. Variable is set to production by default, Install VS sets it to Dev. Use the StartUp.cs to evaluate the Environment variable and change the system configuration.

Supporting SemVar2 as part of Nuget 3

Nuget has poor support for Content files, this is a challenge for vNext as the content files needs to be moved as part of the build process. Bower is the package manager for content files.

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