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ASP.NET vNext – Entity Framework 7 Design (Notes)

My notes from the ASP.NET Community Standup 4

Main goal of ASP.NET is to shink down the memory footprint of a Request.

Data access is a first class tenant of web applications, therefore Entity Framework is becoming a first class tenant of ASP.NET.

EF is becoming portable and is trying to provide a single consistent programming model for all data access, on the server, on the desktop, tablet of mobile.

EF 7, is also a complete rewrite. To make EF lighter the underlying EDMX has been removed, making it more modular and light weight.  Little code is being moved forward, the focus is more on the API, designs and conventions that people have adopted.

EF 7 will be a PCL Nuget package, with the objective that it can run on Mono, Xamarin etc.

Providers will include Redis, Azure Table Storage.

No Model First, no designer. Only Code first using annotations and fluent api, however it will still include reverse engineering to generate code from an existing database table.

EF7 is not recommended for a complex datamodel, its focus is on providing a common abstraction over simple datamodels.

Indexes will now become a first class citizen of the mapping infrastructure so that they can be managed via code first. Providers can use this metadata to generate their own interpretation of an index based on their store.

Providers are created for each type of data store. There are some helpers for providers creating Linq. There is some capabilities for projecting those Linq expressions in memory when the underlying data store does not support Linq.


Shipping Providers

  • MS SQL Server
  • SQL Lite
  • Azure Table Storage
  • Redis Provider

Heavy focus on performance and memory management, including batching, change tracking and the output sql generation.

If you want the EDMX and designer you should use EF6 which will be fully supported for the foreseeable future.

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