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Designing a Target Architecture for a large scale website built on Amazon Webservices

I am currently helping out a friend of mine with their startup. They wanted me to design an architecture and technology roadmap for their platform so that they can look to get funding to move things forward. They are already hosting their minimum viable product on Amazon Web services so that seemed like the obvious place to start.

To build a tech roadmap your need to start with the target architecture. I used the Amazon Visio Stencils  to draw up what I consider to be a pretty simple but scalable architecture for the site. The site is predominantly a readonly site so there is not a large requirement for a scalable async workflow, as a result scaling will be provided by adding more web & search nodes and caching, caching, caching.Image

There is a requirement to process a number of feeds which would be delivered using Elastic Map Reduce workflows rather than traditional ETLs and pushing the results out to Amazon DynamoDB for fast, scalable read access.

I have also added Solr as the search platform however this could easily be replaced with ElasticSearch or even the new Amazon Cloud Search (still in Beta)

I then plugged in all the details into the Amazon calculatorto get a monthly run cost of $3617.73

I find that cloud architectures tend to be quite prescriptive and thus the above architecture could be considered to be rather generic for a large scale webapp.

I would be really interested to hear what people think of it and what could be improved.

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