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A/B Testing – Should you use it and if so, when?

Imagine making a change to your site based on a gut feeling and then moving on to the next thing without actually being able to prove categorically, that the change had a positive influence on your business. Perhaps you don’t have to imagine that – you do it every day! So imagine being able to make a change and actually measure whether it has made a positive or negative impact on your KPIs (Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, Revenue).  All the big companies (Google, Microsoft, Facebook etc.) are using A/B testing to enable them to measure each change. But when do you use it?

A/B testing presumes that you’ve already bottomed out your problem solution and are now working on scaling, or product market fit. So in essence you know what your product is and now you need to optimise it. Those optimisations could be big or small and we would advocate for being bold in trying out big changes to get some strong measurements back out to learn from. But here’s a presentation that gives examples of what you can do with A/B testing and why a test someone else has run should not necessarily be used to determine what you do.

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