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Designers Vs Developers

I have a great appreciation for design and understand its importance in the online & offline world, however on the last few projects I have worked on I have found a great deal of friction between the designers and developers. This has often been born from the fact that the designers work in Photoshop, and have therefore had no real restrictions to what they can deliver, yet the developers have had to implement whatever came through from design irrespective of how hard, or even if it was possible.

The success of Twitter’s Bootstrap and even the iPhone can be awarded to the specific UI guidlines set out by Apple, and it proves that people can build incredible stuff quickly and cost efficiently when they dont have to worry about design.

So, to that end I asked our front end developer to document our UI framework ala Bootsrap style, so that we could move forward from pixel pushing and build from using UI building blocks. Their response was this the Tesco Entertainment UI style guide which I think is a fantastic result, and means that our developers can deliver more functionality faster and cheaper. Well done guys. Credits to Steve Uprichard & Gareth Slinn

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