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Where is Microsoft in the Start-Up space?

Microsoft have been pushing quite hard with their Bizspark programme to get start-ups to use their tech instead of opensource alternatives, however with the total abandonment of a strategy for ecommerce by Microsoft I have been getting a little concerned about the future of ecommerce on the Microsoft Stack.

I have been putting a list of investors, startups & corresponding tech together and its pretty obvious that Microsoft does not feature.

Investors, Start ups & Tech – Google Doc

What is also interesting is that C# is definitely on the rise, however I feel that the index may be slightly skewed due to the recent Windows Build Event  and the buzz around Metro

For ecommerce Magento has become the absolute for runner for anybody wanting to get an online shop knocked up, however I think the one to watch is Spree Commerce. With the new generation of successful ecommerce companies coming out who are shunning the old school enterprise development mentality its looking like its time to retrain.


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