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Dynamic C# and Document Databases

An old colleague of mine wrote an excellent post about some of the complexities that are arising from using document databases with statically typed languages. There are certainly quite a few posts floating around not showing how to handle migrations within document databases and the code sure looks ugly.

However I read this article about some of the problems the guys on the Orchard project have had trying to model their CMS viewmodels and the approach they came up with.

So, maybe the use of the new C# 4.0 Dynamic object could solve the issues highlighted in Hugo’s post.

I know the project that I have been working on has struggled with the balance of generic objects in the middle tiers (Products) and then their more specific derivations (MP3Albums, Blu-Ray, etc) that are required on the outer edges of the platform.

I am desperate to have a play with some of these new age toys. Just need to find a good justification to bring some of these  into the project.

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