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Month: June 2010

Proposal for a White Hat Stack Exchange Site

I was recently invited to put together a proposal for a new Stack Exchange site, similar to Stack Overflow, but one begin dedicated to the topic of White Hat SEO. The idea is that if the proposal gets enough discussion the guys who run the Stack Overflow will build and fund the site.

So please guys go have a look. I have already put loads of great questions up there for voting and now we just need a few followers. So if you are interested in doing SEO write and please follow the proposal and join us on the adventure.

Stack Exchange Q&A site proposal: White Hat SEO

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Git Vs Mercurial on Windows

I have been using Git & Unfuddle for a small project where I am the only developer for the past 6 months. After trying a number of confusing things I finally managed to get it working and have been pretty happy until recently. Suddenly I could nope push changes up to my repository, then I could not authenticate to the repository, and then finally I could not even contact the unfuddle website. I tried reinstalling new versions of Git, then got confused again with setting up SSH keys and tunnels etc, etc, etc.

Enough was enough. Mercurial & Bitbucket to the rescue. 1 hour later I have my source checked back in to a remote repository and it has not cost me any money.

Bitbucket has the same features as Unfuddle with the same pricing plans. I should also be able to import my old git repository straight into Mercurial.

UPDATE: Bitbucket has now been take over by Atlassian, what does that mean to you and me? The free plan has unlimited private & public repositories, the only limit is 5 users to your private repositories. I dont think there is another hosted source control out there that is offering anything close.

Mercurial is incredibly simple to use form the command line, but sometime people prefer the old windows GUI. Well for those people used to Subversion with Tortoise SVN fear not, there is a windows GUI for Mercurial.

Here is a couple more links for those people who still need convincing.

Joel on Software – Distributed Version Control is here to stay

Hg init: a Mercurial tutorial

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